How Massage Therapy Works


The massaging of the surface skin, muscles or affected part has several diffuse and related impacts upon the functions of the overall body systems. By applying therapeutic massage techniques, the practitioner increases circulation away from a specific inflamed or affected area. This, in turn, decreases the strain and tension on the affected parts. The result is a decrease in pain.

At the same time, rubbing the affected part or parts assists in draining the excessive or excess fluid built-up in the system or area. This also reduces the tension on the body part. The muscle or joint, therefore, also regains some of the lost mobility. While Massage Therapy cannot claim to actually increase muscle strength, it does stimulate the weak and atrophied muscles and joints. This, in turn helps to improve circulation and improves the range of movement.

By rubbing the skin, the practitioner also helps to release endorphins. Endorphins are the feel good, pain killing chemicals in the body. As massage releases the endorphins, the patient feels a decrease in pain. As a result, he or she can relax. They can get more sleep. Bodies heal best when the patient is relaxed and inactive. By inducing endorphins to act, massage therapy increases the ability of the body to heal itself.

Overall, massage affects the autonomic nervous system by soothing the nerve endings of the skin. In doing so it helps to calm down the entire body.

It also affects the lymphatic system. Lymph surrounds every cell in your body. Lymph is responsible for supplying nourishment. Lymph system also carries away waste products. When lymph returns to the heart, it brings with it the waste products, viruses and bacteria from the cells through the lymphatic vessels. The system contains filters or lymph nodes. These purify the contents so they can then return clean to the heart to start the process over again. Massage makes sure there are no knots or blockages to the process. Massage also stimulates the production and flow of lymph.

Many illnesses are emotional or result from stress. Heart disease is one medical problem, for example, directly linked to stress. Massage Therapy soothes the body and the mind. In doing so, it relaxes the person. It thus reduces stress and removes or decreases the feelings of anxiety, worry and even depression.

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